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English Learner and Biliteracy Programs are Our Specialty!

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Nicholls Educational Consulting provides expert consulting and engaging professional learning for administrators and teachers on English Learner and biliteracy programs. Dr. Nicholls has extensive experience providing customized consulting and professional learning, both in- person and virtually, for organizations, districts, administrators, and teachers, Pre-K-12, as well as experience at the elementary, secondary, district, county, and state level. 

Nicholls Educational Consulting embraces a systems approach to consulting and professional learning, customizing the support in collaboration with district and site administrators to align with and build upon professional learning plans and programs in alignment with the "Every Student Succeeds Act" (ESSA).


All consulting and professional learning is based upon state content and English Language Development standards, and includes research- and evidence-based instructional strategies to increase student academic achievement and language development.

Nicholls Educational Consulting Areas of Expertise

  • Planning and implementing new dual language immersion programs

  • Enhancing existing dual language immersion programs

  • Transforming transitional bilingual education programs to dual language immersion

  • Transitioning elementary dual language immersion programs to secondary

  • Dual Language Immersion Master Plans

  • Integrated English Language Development (ELD)/Differentiated content-area instruction

  • Designated English Language Development (ELD) programs

  • English Learner Master Plans

  • Long-Term English Learner programs

  • Newcomer programs

  • English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

  • California English Learner Roadmap
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